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Togashi Minoru was a monk and magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Divination Edit

Minoru had always felt a very personal connection to the Celestial Order. An ominous personal feeling made him hesitate when approached to a temple, when a lighting bolt struck the it, and burned it down. Minoru took a handful of scorched rocks from the rubble, and began consulting the stones whenever he needed. [1]

Magistrate Edit

As magistrate Minoru soon began to earn a reputation being both fair and personable, as well as dedicated to justice. Bandits and corrupt samurai feared his very name. In 1166 the governor of Water Hammer City, Kitsuki Kadiri, named Minoru as her Chief Magistrate. Minoru kept the city's tempestuous Governor under control, earning him the respect and admiration of city's population. In 1168 Minoru named Kitsuki Asuko as his chief yoriki. The two were quite different but worked well together. Minoru believed that the universe was guiding him through life, independent of what Rokugani would call “rational thought”. [2]

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