Togashi Magobei was a Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan.

Favored by Osano-Wo Edit

Magobei was selected by Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, to become one of the seven Guardians of the Sun, caretakers of the Shrine of the Sun. The temple had been founded on the Lord Sun's displeasure of the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori causing pain and suffering in mortal lands. His ancestor Osano-Wo sought out seven mortals and were each given a Rising Sun tattoo to represent Lord Yakamo's power. [1]

Bloodspeakers Edit

Magobei sought a den of Maho-tsukai, but was ambushed only miles from the Temple. The cell of Bloodspeakers had stumbled on to the fact that Yakamo was aiding the Guardians of the Sun with celestial visions, so they were doing all within their power to ambush and murder the guardians one at a time. A group of samurai discovered the injured monk and aided the guardians to wipe out the cultists. [2]


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