Togashi Korimi

Togashi Korimi

Togashi Korimi was an Earth Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan. She held the soul of Togashi Oki within her. [1]

Togashi Korimi 4

Togashi Korimi

Demeanor Edit

Korimi's eccentricities included her tendency to forget to wear clothing, which was remarkable even among her fellow monks, much less among the clans. Korimi simply found such things unimportant. [2]

"The distractions of the physical world are an obstacle we must overcome to reach the truth of enlightenment. Conflict, debate, politics, even clothing can stand in our path."
-Togashi Korimi

Colonies Edit

Togashi Korimi 2

Soul of Togashi Oki

Korimi moved to the Second City, in the Colonies. In 1199 during the Dark Naga Siege of the Second City she confronted and killed the Shakash, commander of the Dark Naga forces, who had breached the eastern wall of the Imperial District. [4]

Kolat Relationship? Edit

For unknown reasons Korimi was approached by the Abbot, who entrusted her with delivering a message to Mirumoto Kyoshiro. Korimi found the bitter duelist shortly after he had killed Doji Masachika in an impromptu duel. The Ise Zumi told him a riddle ‘Man does not need the Celestial Wheel to perfect his soul. He may change, in this life, and grow.’ This was part of the Kolat philosophy. [5] It is unknown if Korimi was part of the conspiracy herself, being the Abbot Master Coin, who recruited Kyoshiro as Master Chrysanthemum weeks after Korimi delivered the message.

External Links Edit

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Korimi being tattooed


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