Togashi Kenjin 
Togashi Kenjin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1113

Togashi Kenjin was an ise zumi of the Dragon Clan.

Ryoshen Edit

Kenjin used to visit a Wasp friends. The coupled were murdered by brigands and Kenjin cared of their son, Ryoshen, becoming his father figure. [1]

Otosan Uchi Edit

Kenjin was a familiar landmark in the Ekohikei. A worldly monk who asked for nothing more than the chance to help others, he gained a reputation for leaving those who come to him feeling less burdened by their problems. But something changed. He became more reclusive, less interested in his collection of questions. He began asking for something in exchange for his many long years of service to the city. [2]

Death Edit

The reason was than ten years before the Scorpion Clan Coup Togashi Kenjin was dead, murdered by a shapeshifting creature known as Raniyah the Sly, a Rakshasa who traveled from the distant Ivory Kingdoms in search of new victims. [2]

Fouled Edit

Raniyah showed Kenjin her true form, and pointed his Chameleon tattoo. Kenjin shifted his form to match hers. The true Rakshasa struck and killed Kenjin, and took credit for the death of the tiger-like monster was the corpse of the transformed ise zumi. [2]

Known Tattoos Edit


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