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Togashi Kazuki

Togashi Kazuki

Togashi Kazuki was a bushi of the Dragon Clan who was tattooed.

Sensei Edit

In 1165 Kazuki was appointed by the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu as sensei to Mirumoto Sozen. He had to tutor the brash bushi and to tell him about the ways of Enlightenment. Sozen was a difficult student, he was not interested in the monk beliefs. [1] The taughts of Kazuki made their fruits and Sozen eventually became enlightened. [2]

Yojimbo Edit

Togashi Kazuki 2

Togashi Kazuki

At the time of the Celestial Tournament in 1170, Kazuki was the chief yojimbo of Miya Shoin. His serious demeanor caused his subordinate, Tsuruchi Mochisa to consider him 'quite stodgy'. [3]

Death Edit

The exact fate of Kazuki was unknown but he was dead before the end of the 12th century. [4]

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