Togashi Jodome

Togashi Jodome

Togashi Jodome was a tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan, a shugenja Acolyte of Air, and supporter of the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Tragedy Edit

Togashi Jodome 3

Togashi Jodome

In 1124 Jodome's family all died from a plague that struck his homeland near Shinomen Mori. Jodome sequestered himself within Kyuden Togashi, living in contemplation and studying the Tao of Shinsei. After a year Jodome could not shake the sadness of the death of his family, and the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni spirited him, to become an example to the people while serving in the Temple of Osano-Wo. [1]

Sensei Edit

Jodome was sensei to Togashi Miyoki, daughter of Mirumoto Sukune and cousin to the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Hitomi. [2]

Elemental Acolyte Edit

Jodome was the eldest Elemental Acolyte during the reign of Hantei XXXIX. However, his fellow brother Suana had more ascendance in the Brotherhood. [3]

Known Tattos Edit

Jodome bore the Bat, Full moon, and Phoenix tattoo. [1]

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Togashi Jodome 2

Togashi Jodome


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