Togashi Iroshi 
Togashi Iroshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173

Togashi Iroshi was a tattooed monk and apprentice artist of the Dragon Clan.

Tattoo Master Edit

Iroshi lived in a temple with his needles, ink jars, and Togashi Miyoko, the defender of the temple. In 1169 Kitsuki Taiko wished a tattoo as a keepsake, a reminder of who she was. Iroshi tattooed her with true blood of Togashi Satsu, without Taiko realising it. [1] Taiko held him in very high regard. In 1171 she died in the opening phase of the Destroyer War. [2]

Death Edit

Iroshi died of old age in his temple in 1173. Togashi Miyoko found him and showed him the honour of arranging for the proper rituals in his passing. Before he died his thoughts revealed that the Kami Togashi had foreseen the Destroyer War and had arranged for Kitsuki Taiko to receive her Hummingbird tattoo that allowed her to save her companions when they first encountered Kali-Ma. The survivors had played an important role in the defeat of the invaders. [3]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
The fiction Aftermath, Part 3 uses the name Mirumoto Taiko, but its author, Rusty Priske, revealed that it was an error and that Kitsuki Taiko was the character that was referenced in the fiction.[4]


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