Togashi Ikyoto

Togashi Ikyoto

Togashi Ikyoto was a traveling ise zumi of the Dragon Clan. [1]

Tattos Edit

Ikyoto had a Bat and Monkey tattoo. [1] His tattoos made him the perfect infiltrator. [2]

Seeking Enlightenement Edit

Ikyoto began a personal quest for Enlightenment. His chaotic inner demons haunted him, and he withdrew from the society. [3]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Ikyoto owed a certain loyalty to a merchant at Ryoko Owari Toshi, Whisper. [1] He paid the debt by stealing the Blade of Secrets from Daidoji Anitano and passing it to Whisper. [2]

Tsumetsu's house Edit

Ikyoto infiltrated inside the house of the Crane hatamoto at Ryoko Owari ToshiDoji Tsumetsu. He used an Obsidian Hourglass to cause those inside the building to fall asleep, and then fled before they awakened. A Chizaro no Oni had already assaulted the same building and was seeking something inside. [4]

Cursed blade Edit

Chizaro no Oni was hunting Whisper, and Whisper found out. The oni was seeking the magical blade, a nemuranai which had powers as well as drawbacks. It was a dangerous blade with the power to kill an oni. [2]

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