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Hitomi Hyotaru was a Kikage Zumi of the Dragon Clan, and later became Togashi Hyotaru.

Hitomi family Edit

Hyotaru was one of the first to swear fealty to Hitomi after she assumed the championship of the Dragon Clan. He was very loyal to his mistress, following all her commands, even if he found some to be distasteful. When it was revealed that some of her commands were influenced by the Shadow, he was shaken, realizing that he should not have followed the orders so blindly. [1]

Penance Edit

Shortly before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, he banished. [2] In penance, Hitomi Hyotaru entered the Togashi Testing Grounds, an area on the Dragon mountains full of many dangers, both geographic and living, with the intention of never returning. But he did not succumb to the dangers of the grounds, but instead became familiar with every inch of it. In keeping with his vow, he never set foot outside the grounds, but remained, living off the land and only interacting with those Dragons who also enter the grounds. [1]

Appearance Edit

Those who survived in the ground, were granted with a non-magical tattoo, a dragon scale for each day spent there. Hyotaru was covered head to toe in tiny black dragon scale tattoos. His original mystical tattoos were lost in the design. Hyotaru no longer kept track of the days he survived within the Testing Grounds. [3]

Togashi Satsu Edit

One day, he encountered a young monk radiating a strong aura of power. The pair talked for a bit of life, duty and happiness. Eventually, Hyotaru learned that this young man was Togashi Satsu, his new daimyo. Satsu asked him to continue his duties in the testing grounds, a duty Hyotaru now enjoyed. [1]


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