Togashi Hizumi

Togashi Hizumi

Togashi Hizumi was an Earth Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan. He was called the Empty Hand.

Way to Emlightenment Edit

Hizumi believed that his path to enlightenment lied in the exploration of the maximum destructive potential of a single human being, [1] because destruction was the ultimate creative force. He sought enlightenment striking a boulder with his bare hands, and revealing the sculpture it had within. He was the sensei of a young monk, Yung. They used to share a discussion once every month. [2]

Learning from Earth Edit

Hizumi moved to the lands of the Ikoma, and spent some time learning the strength of the earth. He was visited by Akodo Kakihara, who was on Musha Shugyo. [3]

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