Togashi Gozato

Togashi Gozato

Togashi Gozato, the Wise Monk, was a void Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan

Princess' Sensei Edit

Handpicked by the Empress Iweko I, [1] Gozato was appointed as personal sensei and advisor of her daughter, Iweko Miaka. Gozato was enigmatic and mysterious, prone to speaking in riddles and answering questions with questions of his own. When he was not instructing the princess, Gozato spent much of his time in the Imperial Palace gardens. [2] Miaka tended to find her advisor exasperating, but she had true affection for him. Likewise, he viewed her as the daughter he never had. In the six years that Gozato had served Miaka, she had only seen him utilize his tattoos twice, both times in defense of her well-being. [1]

Dragon Returns to the Sky Edit

Gozato was appointed as the Dragon representative in the Imperial Court. In 1200 Daigotsu Kanpeki stormed Toshi Ranbo, but failed to find and kill the Emperor Iweko II, leaving the Imperial City shortly after. The Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada blamed that the rebellious Spider forces had vanished before the assembled Rokugani armies would engage them. Gozato announced that his Lord Mirumoto Shikei had oerdered to severe their ties of the Dragon Clan with the Empire, offering anyone to join them in the Dragon Mountains. The Phoenix sought the location of the Third Seal, which was eventually destroyed by an endless horde of Shadowlands creatures. The Mantis Islands fell and the Rise of Jigoku was unleashed. [3]

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