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Togashi Chuichi

Togashi Chuichi

Hoshi Chuichi was a monk of the Dragon Clan. After the three tattooed orders were united in the Togashi family he became Togashi Chuichi.

Mirumoto's Haori Edit

Mirumoto Uso gave Chuichi the Mirumoto's Haori. [1]

The Jewel of the Desert Edit

Chuichi was sent to Medinaat al-Salaam by Hoshi Wayan to establish the Hoshi Trading House, which was tended by him. He not only traded goods, he also traded for information. Chuichi had collected quite an impressive library of books and scrolls, and had developed quite a reputation as a scholar in the area. [2]

Strange assailant Edit

In 1170 he found a scroll which bore the Iuchi family seal. Before he could read the content an assailant appeared and tried to kill Chuichi. The Dragon defended himself, and the stranger threw a powder that everything it touched was instantly consumed in flames. The scroll burned as the stranger shouted 'For the Ebon Daughter'. Chuichi could not read the scroll, it was too damaged. [2]

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