Togashi Abokito 
Togashi Abokito 
Born: (c. 1100
Died: Unknown

Togashi Abokito was an Ise Zumi of the Dragon Clan.

Orphan Edit

Abokito was raised by the Togashi monks who found him at their monastery's entrance when infant. Abokito grew and showed a great deal of physical stamina, and he was able of great feats. [1]

Ise Zumi Edit

A seven yers old Abokito left the monastery to be trained as an Ise Zumi, and became a true Togashi with seventeen. The time in meditation he spent there was boring for the active young man. He was given the Monkey and Centipede tattoo, and later the Crane, Chrysanthemum and Unicorn tattoos. [2]

Sanzo Edit

Abokito during his wandering in the Empire saw the fight between Sanzo and an Ogre which was guarding a rugged pass through the mountains. Abokito decided to follow the ronin. [1]

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