Togashi's Shrine

Togashi's Shrine

The Togashi's Shrine was first created by the Dragon Clan in the early days, at the Dawn of the Empire, in order to better learn from their great Kami, Togashi. [1]

Tattoing Edit

Shrine of the Dragon Champion

Shrine of the Dragon Champion

The shrine was where the monks of that time came to be tattooed with the blood of their god. [1]

Meeting of the Three Orders Edit

In 1168 the heads of the three tattooed orders, Hitomi Kagetora, Hoshi Wayan, and Togashi Nyima, representing his lord and Champion Togashi Satsu, made a meeting there. A powerful nemuranai, the Jade Mirror, had been recently retrieved by the Dragon Clan. Satsu asked then to deliberate as to whether the item should be used, and if so, how. [1]

Knwon Guardians Edit

Shrine of the Dragon Champion 2

Shrine of the Dragon Champion

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