Togashi's Daisho
Togashi's Daisho
Created by: Agasha
First used by: Togashi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Togashi's Daisho was a pair of swords forged by Agasha for Togashi. [1]

Abilities Edit

These swords increased the Kenjutsu ability if they were wielded by anyone with magical Dragon tattoos. [2]

Notable Bearers Edit

Togashi Edit

Togashi carried the daisho until his death on the Second Day of Thunder in 1128. [3]

Hitomi Edit

Following Togashi's death, Togashi's Daisho was picked up by Hitomi. [3]

Hitomi held the blades until they were stolen from her in 1132 by Kokujin during the attack of the Naga on Kyuden Hitomi. [4] [5]

Kokujin Edit

Kokujin held the daisho for years until they were finally recovered by Togashi's grandson, Togashi Satsu. [6]

Togashi Mitsu Edit

Togashi Mitsu wielded the Daisho after he happened to find the blades during the confrontation with the madman Kokujin during Kokujin's Challenge. [6]

Togashi Satsu Edit

Togashi Satsu, the grandson of Togashi, managed to retrieve Togashi's Daisho from Kokujin following Kokujin's Challenge. [6]

Mirumoto Ezuno Edit

In 1200 the Togashi Daimyo Togashi Noboru sent Mirumoto Ezuno at the head of a Dragon force to attack the City of the Lost. Ezuno died in the fray, but with his last breath he gave the daisho to Yoritomo Saitsuko, who in turno passed the blades to Mirumoto Reiji, who returned them to his clan. [7]

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