Todd Rowland is the Brand Manager of Legend of the Five Rings. All things L5R, be it RPG, Board Game, CCG, Graphic Novel, events, and more fall under his direction.

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  • Name: Todd Clayborne Rowland
  • Nickname: AEGTodd
  • Age: 36
  • Position: Senior Brand Manager for Alderac Entertainment Group

History Edit

Todd started with the L5R CCG at Imperial Edition. He was perhaps best known in the early days of L5R for his Save the Ogres movement.

Todd first began working for AEG in 2003 as the Brand Manager for Warlord, Saga of the Storm. After two years at the helm of Warlord, introducing the Warlord World Conquest and Epic Edition, Todd took over the job of managing Legend of the Five Rings. Since that time he has introduced the Race for the Throne, Samurai Edition, and the upcoming L5R Board Game and Graphic Novel: Death at Koten.

Duties Edit

As Brand Manager, Todd is the final say on everything L5R. He plans all promotions, products, and events. All story lines and books go through his final approval. Since 2005 Todd has also handled all art direction on all L5R properties. Todd manages all of the designers, writers, and graphic designers on L5R properties.

In 2009 Todd stepped away from L5R to head up AEG board-gaming efforts, including the successful Adventurers and Thunderstone games. Now in the role of Senior Brand Manager, Todd oversees L5R again with the L5R Team, and continues to develop new board games for AEG, and direct development on the L5R 4th Edition RPG.

Statistics Edit

  • Kills: 124,586 (the Nezumi race)

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Preceded by:
Raymond Lau
Brand Manager
2005 - Present
Succeeded by:

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