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Article Blurb Suggestor Date Featured
Dragon Clan Wear green. WestonWyse March 17, 2006
Emperor of Rokugan Twenty-three Emperors with articles and counting. WestonWyse March 13, 2006
Fu Leng Evil. WestonWyse March 23, 2006
Hida Kisada Villain or Hero? Majushi March 14, 2006
Honor's Lesson Dojo More than the Phoenix rise from the ashes. WestonWyse March 22, 2006
Imperial Families Wear green. WestonWyse March 17, 2006
Izaku family Servants of two masters. And they pull it off. WestonWyse March 24, 2006
Kaiu Kabe Welcome to hell. WestonWyse March 12, 2006
Kakita Dueling Academy Expect perfection. WestonWyse March 10, 2006
Mantis Clan Wear green. WestonWyse March 17, 2006
Ofushikai The Soul of Shiba. WestonWyse March 21, 2006
Scorpion Coup The Empire upturned. WestonWyse March 20, 2006
Shiba The Soul of the Phoenix Majushi March 16, 2006
Shinjo She will always return. WestonWyse March 18, 2006
Toku Humble beginnings. Majushi March 19, 2006
Toturi You name it, he did it. Majushi March 11, 2006
Toturi Kaede Never less than powerful. WestonWyse March 25, 2006
Yoritomo His own twenty strongest men. WestonWyse March 15, 2006

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