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Toba was a commander from the Sojo province who retired as a monk joining the Pure Land sect. He sought enlightenment chanting the phrase "Hail to Shinsei" over and over again. [1]

Spreading the Tao Edit

During his wanderings in the Unicorn lands he was assaulted by bandits, most probably Akodo ronin, and Toba was saved by the timely arrival of a Battle Maiden who killed the assaulters. The samurai-ko escorted him toward the City of the Rich Frog, and Toba attempted to teach her about the beliefs of his sect. They rested at Misae's tea house, and resumed the journey, while Toba continued his lessons to no avail. Toba learned that he should not have expected Shinsei to be venerated in the matriarchal Otaku Plains, because the Little Teacher was, after all, only a man. [2]


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