The Time of Wandering began after the Day of Wrath, when the Burning Sands were created. The survivors fled from the place and it was deserted for a time. When they realized there was no another second Day of Wrath, they entered again and wandered to find a place to found their new home. [1]

Burning Sands Edit

Explorers came to the sands to seek the lost treasures, and the settlers followed. The Burning Sands were again inhabitated less than one century after the day of Wrath. [1]

Kingdoms Edit

The nomads that came from the West would become the Senpet, and they replaced the two Gods with the Ten Thousand Gods. From the great Shishomen in the South appeared the Ivory Kingdoms. From the East no Naga were seen. The worshipers o stones had disappeared and instead there were the Naar Teban, mindless creatures that spitted fire which came from a land that would be known as Black Earth. Nobody knew what had happened with the Son of the Stars, the Ashalan. [1]

Medinaat al-Salaam Edit

The settlers found a place alongside the river Nahr'umar, near a place were stone quarries could be worked, with farmable lands, and Medinaat al-Salaam was founded. The diaspora time had ended. [1]


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