Tik'tch was a nezumi who stole the sand within the Scarab Case.

Battle of the Tomb Edit

In 1168 Tik'tch was in the Battle of the Tomb, and saw as a Lost killed Chitik. Another Lost, Daigotsu Rekai, had retrieved a netsuke, and inside the nezumi smelled something that reminded him of the Burning Sands. Outrageous because of his dead fellow, Tik'tch stole the sand within the item. When he saw it to the Chief of Chiefs, Kan'ok'ticheck, the sand was believed not worthy. [1]

Sand Edit

They did not know that a pitch of this sand could be spread over a corpse to raise it as an undead. [2] Tik'tch deed was worthy in truth, denying the Shadowlands a mean to raise a zombie army.


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