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A tiger

Tigers, or Tora, [1] were one of the most dangerous creatures in Rokugan, a symbol of shame and dishonor. [2] They were known for their ruthlessness in combat. [3]

Ecology Edit

They could be found in a wide variety of habitats, ranging from rain forests to grass plains to coastal swamps. The wide stripes of the tiger provide it with camouflage, and both males and females generally lived alone. They guarded their territory fiercely, and only allow other tigers through during mating season. Tiger litters occurred up to three times a year, and could have between two to four cubs per litter. [4]

Varieties Edit


Tiger companions

Tigers in Rokugan were found primarily in the northern regions of the Empire, crossing the Great Wall of the North mountains from the Western Steppes. A more tropical variety of tiger was found in the Ivory Kingdoms, [1] and these dangerous creatures were trained in there to became trusted companions. [5] Whe Rokugani setttled in the Colonies they began to organize tiger hunts in a regular basis. [6]

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