The Tiger Sect was one of the ten Kolat sects. Its purpose is to maintain the secrecy of the sects at all costs. [1]

Internal Kolat Police Edit

The role of this sect was to keep an eye on the other sects, and to make sure the secrets and mere existence of the conspiracy weren't known by outsiders. The had access to the the best information gathering tools of the conspiracy, including the Oni's Eye. To communicate with one another, they used a code devised by Master Tiger. It was incredibly complex, even though it wasn't of magical origin. [1]

Tiger Sect Tattoo Edit

The members of the Tiger Sect were tattooed with a symbol of a tiger. [2]

Internal Communications Edit

The Kolat generally communicate with members of other sects through this sect. [1]

Debate Edit

After the crippling attacks of the Lying Darkness and Shinjo's purge the kolat were disorganized, and many critical agents were isolated. The organization sought a new focus, torn between their desire to remake the Celestial Order and the more pragmatic desire to ensure the organizations existence. The Tiger, Cloud, Lotus, and Dream Masters were traditional Kolat, with Master Cloud the most vocal member of the group. The Steel, Coin, Silk, and Chrysanthemum Masters all adhered to the modern philosophy. Neither Master Jade nor Master Roc seemed interested in this ongoing debate. [3] The latter philosophy was championed by Morito and it seemed to be winning out. [4]

Tiger Masters Edit

In the 12th century the identity of the master of the Tiger Sect, Master Tiger, was known to no one, not even the other masters. During the Scorpion's assault on the Hidden Temple in 1170, Master Tiger was killed, and underneath the mask was Ujina Heiji. It was likely that he was a decoy for the true Master Tiger. [5]


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