Thunder Guard

Thunder Guard

Thunder Guard were the Elite guardians of Ryoko Owari Toshi. The Dragon's Gate housed their headquarters. [1] They were most commonly known as 'Red Plumes' [2] for handsome dyed plumed helmets. [3]

Duty Edit

The Guard enforced the governor's law, defended the city from invasion, checked incoming barges, boats and wagons for contraband, checked travel papers, and generally ensure civic peace. [4] Thunder Guard put out fires in the Noble Quarter, [5] and they used to be enemies of the kajinin, the other firemen of the city. [6]

Organization Edit

They frequently were commanded by a single samurai who reported solely to the governor. Thunder Guard membership was highly valued by local samurai, but from outside they had a reputation as corrupt bullies. [7]

Categories Edit

Known Techniques and Feats Edit

Conflicts Edit

Opium War Edit

During the Opium War in 1122 the Thunder Guard were involved in the side of the Shosuro cartel, which its leader, Shosuro Hyobu, was the city's governor. [9]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Thunder Guard and the kajinin worked together to evacuate the city. The God Beast of Kali-Ma was approaching and it was not clear if the assembled rokugani armies could stop it. [6]

Known Commanders Edit

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