The Third Storm was one of the Mantis naval groups in which the Mantis Clan fleet was organized. [1]

Size Edit

The Third Storm represented almost one third of the entire Mantis Clan fleet, and contained almost as much maritime power as the combined fleets of all the remaining Great Clans.[2]

The Storm numbered close to twelve thousand personnel, in nearly two hundred ships. Accommodating and supporting so many ships and people at Broken Wave City posed a massive logistical problem. The ships were divided into three smaller formations, called Squalls, and at any one time one such Squall was patrolling the nearby sea areas. The remaining two would be in port, one undergoing repairs and refits following its return from duty, the other ready to replace the one currently out on duty. In this way, the Third Storm maintained it's readyness, without being unnecessarily taxing upon crews, ships or port resources. If required, the entire Storm could still be raised to full fighting power within a day.[3]

Duty Edit

The Storm was based at Kyuden Kumiko, responsible for the security of all Mantis ports on the mainland, to escort Mantis merchant and combating any threat of piracy that arose. [1]

Kaigen's Island Edit

In 1167 the Storm guarded the newly formed Kaigen's Island and the northern coasts of Rokugan. [4]

Dragon of Thunder Edit

In 1170 the Third alongside the Second Storm defended the Dragon of Thunder after she was cast down from Tengoku to Ningen-do, and began to reside in its oceans. [5]

War of Dark Fire Edit

During the War of Dark Fire the Third Storm stroke at key supply points for the Yobanjin tribes and completely destroyed three ports. Numerous landing parties went overland to harass the Army of Fire's rear. [6]

Divided Fleet Edit

In 1172 the Mantis Clan Champion commanded to divide the Storm and to pass half of it to the current commander of the Second Storm, whose fleet was put under the command of Moshi Kalani and sent to the Ivory Kingdoms. [7]

Elite Units Edit

Known Members Edit


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