The Third Age was the golden age. The humanity who survived the Day of Wrath founded the groups who would become part of the Burning Sands.

Events Edit

  • The human wandered in groups looking for water and farmable lands in the Burning Sands, in the Diaspora Time.
  • Senpet finds the delta part of the Nahr'umar and his group build the capital of the Senpet Empire.
  • Another group finds the inland part of the Nahr'umar river. It will be the founding place of Medinaat al-Salaam, the Jewel of the Desert.
  • Qolat founds the Qolat conspiracy, to diminish the power of the capricious gods in the mortal realm.
  • The Ra'Shari, Keepers of the Chronicles, leave the Ivory Kingdoms and begin a nomadic life in the Sands.
  • Medinat al-Salaam grows and it is ruled by a Sultan.
  • The Ra'Shari are sent to exile from Medinaat al-Salaam. They leave with their large caravans, heading south into the deep desert.
  • The Caliph Hanan Talibah seizes all the power at the Jewel. She will be known as the Immortal Caliph.
  • Ivory Kingdoms ambassadors arrive the Jewel.
  • A new star appears, and it is considered an omen. A Prophechy of doom and the coming of a new age is set.
  • The Cult of Ruhmal emerges in the Ivory Kingdoms.
  • The star vanishes six months after it appeared. Hundreds die that night.
  • The farmable lands begin to reduce their extension, being replaced by the desert sands.
  • A prophet, the Shadowed One, spreads his visions claiming to be the voice of the Fallen God.
  • The Sultanate and the Senpet chase Shadowed One's followers.
  • The nomadic Ujik-hai appear in the Burning Sands.

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