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The Way of the Wolf

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The Way of the Wolf

The Way of the Wolf Cover

The Way of the Wolf was the tenth of the clan books, and the first source book which details the Ronin, his deeds, history, and customs, in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, and the tenth in the Way of the Clan series.

Credits Edit

  • Game System by: David Williams and John Wick
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: Carl Frank, Edward James Krings and Daniel Moenster
  • Artwork Prepress: Brendon Goodyear
  • Art Director: Jim Pinto
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Editing: Janice Sellers, D.J. Trindle
  • Interior Layout: Steve Hough

Table of Contents Edit

Prologue (page 4)Edit

Chapter One: The Unfettered Ronin (page 8)Edit

Chapter Two: The History of the Wave Men (page 18)Edit

Toturi's Army Bushi

Toturi's Army Bushi

  • Ronin Organizations
Toturi 3

Toturi the Black

The Book of Sun Tao

Chapter Three: Character (page 46) Edit



Chapter Four: Who's Who (page 62)Edit

Twins Yotsu Seou and Yotsu Seiki

Seou and Seiki, the Yotsu Twins

Chapter Five: Character Templates (page 84) Edit



Appendices (page 99) Edit

The Twelve Ronin
Nanashi Mura Layout

Nanashi Mura Layout

  • Map of Nanashi Mura

Ronin Character Sheets (page 125)Edit

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