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Way of the Dragon (RPG)

Way of the Dragon Cover

Way of the Dragon was the first source book for the Dragon Clan in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game and the first in the Way of the Clan series.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: John Wick
  • Additional Material by: David Williams, Rob Vaux, Cris Dornaus, Greg Stoltze and D.J. Trindle
  • Game System by: David Williams and John Wick
  • Cover Artwork: Matthew D. Wilson
  • Interior Artwork: Tom Biondolillo, Cris Dornaus, KC Lancaster, William O'Connor, Ben Peck, Brian Snoddy.
  • Maps: KC Lancaster
  • Artwork Prepress: Chris Dornaus, Steve Hough
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Rob Vaux
  • Interior Layout: Rob Vaux, D.J. Trindle and John Wick

Table of Contents Edit

The Sword Path (page 4)Edit

Mirumoto Duelist

Mirumoto Duelist

Chapter 1: The Enigmatic Dragon (page 10)Edit

Chapter 2: The Families of the Dragon (page 18)Edit

Togashi Yokuni

Togashi Yokuni

Kitsuki Yasu

Kitsuki Yasu

Chapter 3: Character (page 40)Edit

Chapter 4: Who's Who (page 54)Edit

Togashi Hoshi

Togashi Hoshi

Chapter 5: Character Templates (page 70)Edit

Appendix One: The Dragons of Rokugan (page 82)Edit

  • Dragon Clan Lands.
  • Dragons in Rokugan

Appendix Two: Kaze-do (page 85)Edit

  • Two Styles
  • Way of Peace

Appendix Three: The Agasha Spellbook (page 88)Edit

Agasha Shugenja

Agasha Shugenja

Appendix Four: Miscellany (Page 92) Edit

White Woman

White Woman

  • Adventure Hooks
  • The Lands of the Dragon
    • Mirumoto Provinces
    • Kitsuki Provinces
    • Agasha Provinces
    • Togashi Province
  • Shiro Mirumoto layout

Appendix Five: Two Dragon Clan Decks (page 100)Edit

  • "Fire and Jade"
  • "Conspiracy Theory"

Crane Clan Character Sheets (page 109)Edit

  • Reference Sheets.
  • Character Sheets.

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