The Way of Honor
Written By: Nancy Sauer
Edited By: unknown
Released: July 2007
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1169

The Way of Honor is a fiction written by Nancy Sauer. It was first released in the Imperial Herald, Volume 2, Number 22.

Annotated Story Edit

Matsu Takeko

Matsu Takeko

It is early morning as Matsu Takeko is out riding. They reach a stream and she lets the horse drink as she does so and fills her water bottle. Takeko is carrying a scroll case in her obi, opposite her daisho. She was delivering a message for her lord to the commander of the Kyukachu garrison. Takeko gets on her horse again and urges him into a trot once more. A mile further down the road Takeko spost a handful of heimin defending a small cart from a gang of bandits. A there is only a moments hesitation when Takeko weighs the duty of delivering the message against aiding the heimin. Takeko charges the bandits yelling Matsu, killing two as she reaches them. Takeko's presence lends weigth to the heimin fighting. One bandit is killed by a spearman before Takeko kills two more. Takeko then faces a bandit with some skill with a sword. Takeko is slightly wounded before using the mans momentum against him to take off his head. The remaining bandits flee, and Takeko falls over from a wound more serious than she imagined.

Some time later, Takeko is kneeling before Matsu Maruoka. Maruoka is inquiring about the incident with the bandits. The heimin hacd taken Takeko to a nearby post station which had a shugenja. Maruoka compliments Takeko on her courage and devotion to duty. Takeko replies it is merely her desire to serve with honor.

Characters Edit

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