The Vacant Throne cover

The Vacant Throne Cover

The Vacant Throne was the eleventh source book for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. Beware, the book contain many mistakes regarding the year or month of some of it's content.

Credits Edit

  • Writers: Shawn Carman, Rusty Priske, Nancy Sauer, Lucas Twyman, Brian Yoon
  • Editors: Rob Hobart
  • Line Developer: Todd C. Rowland
  • Graphic Designers: Nate Barnes, Rodney Saenz
  • Cover Artist: Michael Cormack
  • Interior Artists: Steve Argyle, Drew Baker, Leonardo Borazio, Adam Bray, Manuel Calderon, Mike Caprotti, Nicole Cardiff, Miguel Coimbra, Ed Cox, Edwin David, Jason Engle, Anthony Francisco, Joachim Gmoser, Andrew Hepworth, Jon Hodgson, IFS, Michael Kormack ,Amandine Labarre, April Lee, Britt Martin, William O'Connor, Glen Ostenberger, Angga Satriohadi, Franz Vohwinkel
  • Brand Manager: Jon Hall
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • RPG Rules Team: Mason Crawford, Timar Long, Aaron Rubman
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates

Contents Edit

Introduction - The Age of Emlightenment (page 4)Edit

Hida Daizu 3

Hida Daizu

  • The State of the Clans

The Path of Hope (page 15)Edit

Drums of War (page 25)Edit

Horiuchi Wakiza

Horiuchi Wakiza

Test of Enlightenment (page 35)Edit

Rise of the Shogun (page 43)Edit

The Khan's Defiance (page 55)Edit

The Truest Test (page 65)Edit

Bayushi Norachai

Bayushi Norachai

Stronger Than Steel (page 75)Edit

Emerald and Jade (page 87)Edit

Words and Deeds (page 107)Edit

Iuchi Ietsuna

Iuchi Ietsuna

Death at Koten (page 119)Edit

Yogo Kazunori

Yogo Kazunori

The Heaven's Will (page 129)Edit

Satsu in human form

Togashi Satsu

Glory of the Empire (page 139)Edit

The State of the Empire at the End of the Samurai Arc (page 149)Edit