The Unicorn's Charge
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123

The Unicorn's Charge

Light Cavalry (SC) "'How could they have gotten here so soon?' Shoju asked. But by now the point was moot. The Unicorn had arrived - and they arrived three days ahead of Shoju's schedule." - The Unicorn's Charge, Part 1

Light Infantry (SC) "And as the Unicorn charged, Shoju's shugenja improvised a quick spell to stifle their advance. He prayed it would be enough to prepare a counter attack." - The Unicorn's Charge, Part 2

Medium Cavalry (SC) "'The damnable beasts are flying!' Shoju cried as he watched the Otaku battle-maidens erupt into a moon-lit fire and fly above his troops towards the walls of Otosan Uchi." - The Unicorn's Charge, Part 3

Medium Infantry (SC) "When the Otaku reached the wall, Soshi Bantaro activated the magics slumbering deep within the living stone. The battle-maidens screamed as lightning arced from the walls, burning them in mid-air, causing them to fall like cinders and Shoju's infantry counterattacked the surprised - and defenseless - Unicorn infantry." - The Unicorn's Charge, Part 4

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