The Loops

The Loops

The Loops was one of the neighborhoods of the Fisherman Quarter at Ryoko Owari Toshi. It covered the dockside around the three wharves between Juniper Loop and Pine Loop, and back to Salmon Avenue. [1]

Firemen Edit

The Fire Eaters and Moment's Edge Firemen kajinin overlapped their territories there for fire fighting. [1]

Activities Edit

Sailors and stevedores made up the bulk of the neighborhoods people. [1]

Notable Locations Edit

  • Ash Street Dock: the dock off of Ash Street was primarily used for the transport of rice. There were coopers, warehouses, and sake brewers. [1]
  • Timber Dock: it was an old dock off of Forest Street, which predated the city wall. Timber was hauled down there. [1]
  • Blossom Dock: the dock off of Timber Street. Here the legal opium poppies were stored and shipped. The Fire Eaters heavily protected this area. [2]


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