The Forgetting was the one of the most powerful rituals known in Rokugan, and it was the most serious form of punishment the Isawa had. When a shugenja had completely disgraced himself or the clan, he was tracked down and brought forcibly to Phoenix lands. Once captured, he was bound, forbidden food or water for two days, and then brought before the Council of Five to answer for his crimes. [1]

Trial Edit

Shugenja were only found guilty upon the unanimous decision of all five Elemental Masters. As all five were required to perform the ritual, this was a necessity. The Forgetting was an elaborate ritual, lasting sixteen hours and demanding the full attention of all five Elemental Masters. Once the ritual had begun it could not be stopped or delayed, nor could it be hurried along. [1]

Effects Edit

The result of The Forgetting was that a shugenja was stripped of all magical knowledge and ability. Their abilities and memorized spells were gone, as was even their ability to read their once-familiar ofuda, which would now look like gibberish to the former shugenja. The kami would not even speak to the individual, so they would never again be able to learn magic anew. [1]

Shugenja who suffered the Forgetting Edit

Non-shugenja who suffered the Forgetting Edit


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