The First Flyer
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: c.1123

This short story was taken from one of the first fliers advertising Legend of the Five Rings (back in Imperial Edition). I haven't found any mention of the two lords mentioned below anywhere else. I think they are clan leaders (the people that you pretend to be when you play L5R). Enjoy.

From the Scrolls of Clan Tosh—kan Shot‡i:

"...and so it came to pass in the fifth millenia that the Empire was plunged into civil war by the Great Plague and the death of the last Hantei Emperor...

Lord Hashimoto Makato of the Great Dragon Clan did not find the chaos sweeping the Empire to his liking. He detested even more the pretensions of another local noble, one Nagokita Toju of the Golden Lion Clan. Time and time again, small armies under the command of Lord Nagokita's retainers dared to cross into lands patrolled by Lord Hashimoto's forces. On numerous occasions the two sides met in bloody skirmishes resulting in the deaths of several of Hashimoto's best soldiers.

At last these slights against his Honor grew too great to bear, and Lord Hashimoto sent notice to Nagokita of his displeasure, warning that he would not tolerate further transgressions against is fief. Several days passed, and at last a response was received from Nagoakita in the form of the severed head of Hashimoto's messenger.

Lord Hashimoto wasted no further time in deliberations, ordering his Fief mobilized for war. While his retainers organized armies of House and Clan, Hashimoto retreated deep into the innermost sanctum of his Stronghold, where he spent many days in solitary meditation. At last, purified in mind, body, and spirit, the great Dragon leader emerged from seclusion to lead his armies against the bastions of Lord Nagoakita and his honorless clansmen

...historians from our Clan now mark this conflict as one of the opening battles in what we now term the War of Redemption, as the victor from this battle went on to launch a campaign of unprecedented scale..."

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