The Final Sword
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: May 2000 ([1])
Link: [2]
Story Year: Unknown
Matsu Hitomi

Matsu Hitomi

The Final Sword

Matsu Hitomi was the most famous samurai-ko of the early Empire. Though trained for other duties, she broke with tradition and donned her brother's armor to avenge his death, unwittingly blazing a trail for women for centuries to come. Her fierce devotion to war caused her to be granted command of her late brother's unit, and the soldiers obeyed her word without question.

During a war between the Dragon and the Crab, Mirumoto Turan, daimyo of the Mirumoto, came to the Lion Champion and asked for military assistance. The Mirumoto asked that the great Matsu Hitomi lead the allying unit, because her acts had already become legend and he hoped to demoralize his foes. Hitomi and her unit were placed under the command of the Dragon daimyo and led several assaults against the Crab armies and their Scorpion allies.

Then one day the daimyo sent Hitomi to attack the castle defended by her lover. Although details are sketchy, it is known that Hitomi refused the order and dueled the Dragon daimyo in his tent, killing him. She then led her troops away from the field of battle.

Her death has become as legendary as her life, as she fought to escape the overwhelming Dragon forces and other Lion forces led by Akodo Godaigo. Godaigo and his forces eventually trapped her troops near a small peasant village now known as the Omoidoso Toshi, the City of Rememberance. Though the Dragon offered rewards and titles, Godaigo refused them and left for the wandering life of a ronin. He was never seen again.

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