The Fall of the Scorpion
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123

The Fall of the Scorpion

Biting Steel (SC) "...but the Dragon did arrive, and the might of the Mirumoto was doubled by the presence of the Agasha and the ise zumi..." - The Fall of the Scorpion, Volume 1

Call Upon the Wind (SC) "...and when the armies of the Phoenix arrived, they doubled the strength of the Unicorn by giving their steeds unearthly strength and speed..." - The Fall of the Scorpion, Volume 2

Castle of Water (SC) "...and as Shoju watched his defenses crumble, he was the Phoenix shugenja protecting the advancing armies of the Crane with magics the master of secrets had never seen before..." - The Fall of the Scorpion, Volume 3

Energy Transference (SC) " was as if the strength of the Scorpion was being stolen minute by minute and sent to the armies of Shoju's enemies..." - The Fall of the Scorpion, Volume 4

Look Into the Void (SC) "...and when his armies finally fell, a moment of clarity overcame him. He retreated back to the throne room and awaited the Emperor's champion, knowing what he must do..." - The Fall of the Scorpion, Volume 5

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