The building known only as The Dojo was founded by Bayushi Oma in the Second City. It was situated in the southeastern part of the Military District. [1] This enormous dojo was the result of all clans pooling their resources to create a single location for their soldiers to practice. [2]

Appearance Edit

The dojo was the largest of its kind in the Colonies and larger than all but the greatest dojo in mainland Rokugan. Two dozen different rooms spread across two stories, for practice different weapons, kyujutsu, or meditation. Outside, an attached stable and riding yard covered basic horsemanship lessons. [1]

Tradition Edit

Journey back to the Empire was expensive and time consuming, so Oma devised a solution: a single unique dojo which anyone would join, and grounds to be used at any moment by anyone who required it. Oma offered to teach any samurai of the Great Clans in the techniques of the Bayushi Bushi school as a show of sincerity. The facility received visits from hundreds of students, from young children to samurai returning for advanced training. Students entering a room by error must accept one challenge from the sensei teaching the class, who would usually set one of his students against the intruder. [1]

Known Sensei Edit


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