The Death of Hantei was a play written by Shosuro Furuyari, and was considered one of the most important plays in Rokugan's history. The play tells the story of the death of the first Emperor Hantei. [1] It was considered apocryphal because the events were related in contradiction with the Ikoma Histories. [2]

Play Edit

It opened with the War Against Fu Leng, and it ended with Hantei being wounded by his brother, Fu Leng. [2] Hantei was saved in combat by the bravery of his only son, Hantei Genji, who then returned from the battle bearing his fatalIy wounded father to his palace at Otosan Uchi. Hantei passed to Genji the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei, Kunshu, and his son returned to the war destroying all that remained of Fu Leng's terrible armies. [3] Doji tended to his wounds, while Akodo and Bayushi stood ready. When Hantei asked if he would survive his wounds, Akodo and Doji lied him, but Bayushi told truth, because he did not care for his brother's wounds but for Hantei's soul, and the Emperor's soul was the center of the Empire. [2]

"Yes, Hantei-sama. You are going to die, and you are going to be alone. But one day, we will come after, to be by your side again."
- The Death of Hantei [3]

Performed Edit

It was known the play was performed in 1121 during the Asako winter court at Shiro Gisu, and the actress Shosuro Tage impersonated Lady Doji. [2]


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