The Dark Journey Home CCG set was a Jade Legal expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed the return of Toturi I, under the hold of the Lying Darkness, who begins to use its minions to create confusion and discord among the clans. This set also featured starter deck for the Ninja, Phoenix Clan, and the Toturi's Army.

Preceded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 6
Succeeded by:
Pearl Edition

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Dark Moment Action Common
A Dark Moment-card
- A Glimpse Beyond Action Rare
A Glimpse Beyond-card
- Arrow of the Four Winds Action Rare
Arrow of the Four Winds-card
- Arrowroot Tattoo Action Uncommon
Arrowroot Tattoo-card
- Centipede Tattoo Action Uncommon
Centipede Tattoo-card
- Contemplation Action Common
- Contested Holding Action Rare
Contested Holding-card
- Crane Tattoo Action Uncommon
Crane Tattoo-card
- Deeds, Not Words Action Uncommon
Deeds, Not Words-card
- Disgraced Action Uncommon
- Disobedience Action Rare
- Dragon Tattoo Action Uncommon
Dragon Tattoo-card
- Dragonfly Tattoo Action Uncommon
Dragonfly Tattoo-card
- Final Haiku Action Rare
Final Haiku-card
- Full Moon Tattoo Action Uncommon
Full Moon Tattoo-card
- Heavy Ground Action Common
Heavy Ground-card
- Held Terrain Action Rare
Held Terrain-card
- Heroic Opportunities Action Rare
Heroic Opportunities-card
- Hidden Blade Action Rare
Hidden Blade-card
- Hunted Action Uncommon
- Kharma Action Uncommon
- Kolat Recruiter Action Rare
Kolat Recruiter-card
- Let Him Escape Action Rare
Let Him Escape-card
- Lion Tattoo Action Uncommon
Lion Tattoo-card
- Loss of Face Action Common
Loss of Face-card
- Magic Mud Action Uncommon
Magic Mud-card
- Mountain Tattoo Action Uncommon
Mountain Tattoo-card
- Nightmares of Iuchiban Action Rare
Nightmares of Iuchiban-card
- Ninja Tricks Action Uncommon
Ninja Tricks-card
- Phoenix Tattoo Action Uncommon
Phoenix Tattoo-card
- Pillaging Action Common
- Pride Action Common
- Proud Words Action Common
Proud Words-card
- Siege Action Common
- Shadow Brand Action Common
Shadow Brand-card
- Shadowlands Contagion Action Rare
Shadowlands Contagion-card
- Smoke and Mirrors Action Uncommon
Smoke and Mirrors-card
- Stand Together Action Rare
Stand Together-card
- Steep Terrain Action Common
Steep Terrain-card
- Tattooed Action Uncommon
- The Daimyo's Command Action Rare
The Daimyo's Command-card
- Threat Action Common
- Tiger Tattoo Action Uncommon
Tiger Tattoo-card
- Twisting Ravine Action Common
Twisting Ravine-card
- Winds and Fortunes Action Uncommon
Winds and Fortunes-card
- Shiryo no Goju Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Goju-card
- Shiryo no Kuni Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Kuni-card
- Shiryo no Yurei Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Yurei-card
- A Kolat Revealed Event Uncommon
A Kolat Revealed-card
- Blessings of Isawa Event Uncommon
Blessings of Isawa-card
- Creating the Monkey Clan Event Uncommon
Creating the Monkey Clan-card
- Dragon's Tail Star Event Uncommon
Dragon's Tail Star-card
- Glimpse of Kage Event Uncommon
Glimpse of Kage-card
- Rebuilding the Temples Event Rare
Rebuilding the Temples-card
- Test of the Jade Champion Event Rare
Test of the Jade Champion-card
- The Agasha Join the Phoenix Event Rare
The Agasha Join the Phoenix-card
- The Age of Man Event Uncommon
The Age of Man-card
- The Wave Men Event Rare
The Wave Men-card
- Toturi's Return Event Uncommon
Toturi's Return-card
- Ashigaru Archers Follower Common
Ashigaru Archers-card
- Ashigaru Spearmen Follower Common
Ashigaru Spearmen-card
- Lion's Pride Follower Rare
Lion's Pride-card
- Maho-Tsukai Follower Rare
- Mantis House Guard Follower Uncommon
Mantis House Guard-card
- Moto Fanatics Follower Uncommon
Moto Fanatics-card
- Ratling Scout Follower Common
Ratling Scout-card
- Assassins Holding Common
- Battlements Holding Common
- Bonsai Garden Holding Common
Bonsai Garden-card
- Kitsuki Iyekao Holding Uncommon
Kitsuki Iyekao-card
- Kolat Agent Holding Common
Kolat Agent-card
- Retired Advisor Holding Common
Retired Advisor-card
- River of the Dark Moon Holding Rare
River of the Dark Moon-card
- The Agasha Libraries Holding Rare
The Agasha Libraries-card
- The Edge of Shinomen Forest Holding Common
The Edge of Shinomen Forest-card
- Ambition Item Rare
- Blood Arrows of Yajinden Item Common
Blood Arrows of Yajinden-card
- Clay Horse Item Common
Clay Horse-card
- Crystal Nagamaki Item Uncommon
Crystal Nagamaki-card
- Kitsuki's Coin Item Rare
Kitsuki's Coin-card
- Lord Moon's Blood Item Rare
Lord Moon's Blood-card
- Mantle of the Jade Champion Item Rare
Mantle of the Jade Champion-card
- Poison Dartgun Item Common
Poison Dartgun-card
- Falling Star Strike Kiho Common
Falling Star Strike-card
- Master of Destiny Kiho Rare
Master of Destiny-card
- Purity of Spirit Kiho Common
Purity of Spirit-card
- Stagnation Kiho Common
- Strike of Silent Waters Kiho Uncommon
Strike of Silent Waters-card
- The Path Not Taken Kiho Rare
The Path Not Taken-card
- Touch the Lands Kiho Common
Touch the Lands-card
- Hida Rohiteki Personality Common
Hida Rohiteki-card
- Hiruma Osuno Experienced Personality Rare
Hiruma Osuno Exp-card
- Toritaka Genzo Personality Rare
Toritaka Genzo-card
- Asahina Dorai Personality Common
Asahina Dorai-card
- Daidoji Rekai Experienced Personality Rare
Daidoji Rekai Exp-card
- Hitomi Dajan Personality Common
Hitomi Dajan-card
- Hitomi Iyojin Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Iyojin-card
- Hitomi Juppun Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Juppun-card
- Hitomi Nakuso Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Nakuso-card
- Ikoma Gunjin Personality Uncommon
Ikoma Gunjin-card
- Kitsu Sanako Personality Uncommon
Kitsu Sanako-card
- Matsu Toki Personality Uncommon
Matsu Toki-card
- Balash Experienced Personality Uncommon
Balash Exp-card
- Tausha Personality Common
- Agasha Gennai Experienced Personality Rare
Agasha Gennai Exp-card
- Agasha Kusabi Personality Uncommon
Agasha Kusabi-card
- Isawa Hochiu Personality Uncommon
Isawa Hochiu-card
- Isawa Kaede Experienced Personality Rare
Isawa Kaede Exp-card
- Isawa Taeruko Personality Common
Isawa Taeruko-card
- Shiba Gensui Personality Common
Shiba Gensui-card
- Shiba Tetsu Experienced Personality Uncommon
Shiba Tetsu Exp-card
- Shiba Tsukune Experienced 2 Personality Fixed
Shiba Tsukune Exp2-card
- Moto Amadare Personality Common
Moto Amadare-card
- Bayushi Areru Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Areru-card
- Chochu Personality Common
- Dangai Personality Common
- Goju Adorai Personality Fixed
Goju Adorai-card
- Hoshi Maseru Experienced Personality Uncommon
Hoshi Maseru Exp-card
- Kage Experienced 3 Personality Rare
Kage Exp3-card
- Mamoru Experienced Personality Uncommon
Mamoru Exp-card
- Moshi Hito Personality Common
Moshi Hito-card
- Ninja Infiltrator Personality Rare
Ninja Infiltrator-card
- Ninja Questioner Personality Uncommon
Ninja Questioner-card
- Ninja Shadow-Walker Personality Common
Ninja Shadow-Walker-card
- Ninube Ogoku Personality Common
Ninube Ogoku-card
- Ropp'tch'tch Personality Rare
- Seppun Toshiken Personality Rare
Seppun Toshiken-card
- Shinko Kamiko Personality Rare
Shinko Kamiko-card
- Shosuro Personality Rare
- Shotai Personality Rare
- Slidge Personality Common
- Toku Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Toku Exp2-card
- Toturi the First Personality Rare
Toturi the First-card
- Tzurui Personality Uncommon
- Tsuruchi Experienced Personality Rare
Tsuruchi Exp-card
- Yotsu Seou Personality Common
Yotsu Seou-card
- Aka Mizu-umi Region Uncommon
Aka Mizu-umi-card
- Bells of the Dead Region Common
Bells of the Dead-card
- Black Finger River Region Common
Black Finger River-card
- Firebird Falls Region Rare
Firebird Falls-card
- Golden Sun Plain Region Rare
Golden Sun Plain-card
- Osari Plains Region Common
Osari Plains-card
- River of the Last Stand Region Rare
River of the Last Stand-card
- Shadowlands Marsh Region Uncommon
Shadowlands Marsh-card
- Treacherous Pass Region Common
Treacherous Pass-card
Treacherous Pass-card2
- Twilight Mountains Region Rare
Twilight Mountains-card
- Warstained Fields Region Common
Warstained Fields-card
- Emergence of the Masters Spell Common
Emergence of the Masters-card
- Plain of Desperate Evil Spell Uncommon
Plain of Desperate Evil-card
- Rise from the Ashes Spell Uncommon
Rise from the Ashes-card
- Virtuous Heart Spell Common
Virtuous Heart-card
- Eternal Halls of the Shiba Stronghold Fixed
Eternal Halls of the Shiba-card
- The Dark Path of Shadow Stronghold Fixed
The Dark Path of Shadow-card
- The Palace of Otosan Uchi Stronghold Fixed
The Palace of Otosan Uchi-card

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