If you are searching for the council of the Elemental Masters, please see Council of Five.

The Council was a jade sculpture.

History Edit

The Council was crafted by crafted by Asahina Kamatari as a gift for Empress Hantei Retsuhime. It stayed with the Imperial family for several generations before being returned to the Asahina family by Hantei XVII. [1]

Description Edit

The sculpture depicted three men standing in a diagonal line - one holding a small flower, one holding his hand before his eyes, and one that looked more abstract. As Kamatari was known to be a prophet, some believed that the sculpture was itself a prophecy. [1]

Destruction Edit

In 1169 at Hida Kuon's suggestion, Kuni Daigo sent Hida Sozen to Shinden Asahina to recover jade for use in his campaign against the Shadowlands. Sozen smashed the sculpture and took its remains back to the Jade Champion. [1]


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