The Bright Warrior
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: May 2000 ([1])
Link: [2]
Story Year: Pre-calendar


The Bright Warrior

In the beginning of all things, the first of the great generals of the Naga race was Qatol. His stories were told beneath the lambent glare of the Bright Eye, for he was known to be the soul most favored by its celestial gaze.

Qatol wished to unite his people, and he drove his armies across the jungles of that ancient land in order to conquer and subjugate the others. Near the end of his quest, in a grove, the Five Bloodlines stood together in the wilderness, prepared to bring their conflict to a bloody end. Then, the gaze of the Pale Eye fell upon a single Naga boy, his skin shining in the pale light of the heavens. The youth moved forward to challenge the mighty Qatol for the future of their people. At first the Qatol laughed, thinking that the boy's challenge was a jest. But then the Qatol looked again at the young Naga and saw the light of the Pale Eye shining through his dark eyes, even as the aura of the Bright shone through his own. Without thinking, Qatol extended his hand to the youngling naga.

"Brother," he nodded, "you are wise. Together, and only beside one another, can we rule."

No, Qatol," the boy said, "only together can we guide the people. Ours is not the place of rulers, ours is not the practice of war. For the Naga, there can be only peace."

The young naga grasped the Qatol's calloused hand, and when the Warrior of the Pale Eye touched the Warrior of the Bright, all Naga across the land were gifted with a singular knowledge. Their songs spun and wavered together, and visions beautiful beyond belief filled their minds. The Akasha, the singular mind of the Naga people, was at last revealed. The Naga became one people.

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