Th'lazz was a Ghul Lord of the Burning Sands. [1]

Ghul Lord Edit

Th'lazz was an undead raised by the Jackals in Medinaat al-Salaam. He became too powerful for the other ghuls who jealous of him plotted to send Th'lazz away. He was obliged to leave the Burning Sands in 1130. [2]

Rokugan Edit

Daigotsu Edit

Th'lazz crossed the desert to meet the Dark Lord Daigotsu in the City of the Lost. [3]

Third Raise of Iuchiban Edit

In 1165 guided Daigotsu, Noekam, and Katsu to the Crimson Stronghold of the Khadi deep in the desert of the Burning Sands. [4] Th'lazz also explained Daigotsu how to act when he would see the Quolat Master Ruqayah. [5] Daigotsu rewarded the Ghul Lord with the creation of a number of Kareido no Oni, as his personal servants. [6]

Jackal warns Daigotsu Edit

The Jackal arrived in Rokugan in 1168 and formed an alliance with Daigotsu. Th'lazz asked Daigotsu not to destroy them. They came with a warning, that a greater darkness than even Daigotsu himself, Kali-Ma, was arising in the lands of the west and that the Dark lord should move to claim his empire quickly. Daigotsu moved out of the Shadowlands entering the Empire and the warning they made would follow in the creation of the Spider Clan. [7] The ghul lord served Daigotsu all the more effectively because its foreign weapons, a large scimitar, and gaijin magic. [8]

Battle of the Tomb Edit

In 1168 after the Battle of the Tomb Th'lazz came to the battlefield to raise the corpses as zombies, but the destruction provoked by Isawa's Last Wish did not allow it. There were two items that he sensed and strongly attracted the Ghul Lord, a shard of the Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng, that was taken by Daigotsu Rekai, and a netsuke the Lost had retrieved from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders. [9]

The Scarab Case Edit

Rekai had recovered the Scarab Case from the Tomb [10] and it was identified as an object of great power by the Ghul Lord. He saw the pictograms carved on the netsuke and claimed he could decipher them with time, [9] but he did not know how open it. [11] The case was being used by a small number of Jackals serving under Daigotsu. [12]

Daigotsu's Army Edit

The Ghul Lord was appointed in the Daigotsu's Arny as taskmaster of the Undead Legions. [13]


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