Born: Unknown 
Titles: Master of the Order of the Spider,
Member of the Council of the Spider

Tetsuo was a monk of the Spider Clan who left the Spider after Daigotsu Kanpeki embraced the Shadowlands Taint.

Monk Edit

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Tetsuo was a member of the Order of the Spider [1] who wielded a trademark nagamaki. [2]

Leaving the Shinomen Edit

Shortly after the attack by the Shogun and the burning of the Shinomen Mori by orders of Daigotsu in 1170, Tetsuo and Daigotsu Yuhmi led a group of ashigaru out of the forest until he encountered a group of Lion samurai under the command of Matsu Benika in the Seven Day Battle Plain. The holder of the new Jade Hand requested the ashigaru to surrender; but they refused. Tetsuo fought Benika in an equal battle, but after realizing that the Lion samurai had killed all the ashigaru, he decided that there was no reason to continue the fight. Commanding Yuhmi to follow him, the two then left south with uncanny speed. [3]

Spider Infiltration Edit

When in 1171 during the War of Dark Fire the Army of Fire menaced the ancestral home of the Shiba family, Shiro Shiba, Shiba Yoma and Asako Kanta were aided by the Imperial Advisor Susumu to gather the Shiba Yojimbos from their charges withou any loss of face in court. The yojimbo were replaced by sohei of the Order of the Spider. [4]

Great Clan Edit

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In 1173 the Spider Clan was recognized as a Great Clan and those who do not bore taint, as Tetsuo, remained within the Empire. The tainted began the Spider's exodus, toward the land formerly known as the Ivory Kingdoms, to claim it for the Empire. [5] Tetsuo's master, Michio, began to seek a place to build a temple for his order. [1]

Council of the Spider Edit

After Michio's death in 1180 Tetsuo assumed the vacated seat of the Council of the Spider, that ruled the Spider Clan until Daigotsu Kanpeki became Champion. [6]

Spider Master Edit

Tetsuo also succeeded Michio as Master of the Order of the Spider. As a sensei he told the legend of Michio's death to his students: After the Spider's ascension to Great Clan status in 1173 and before the rise of the Dark Naga in 1198 Michio was confronted by Goemon, the Fortune of Heroes. He was able to defeat the Fortune, but Michio was grievously wounded and died on the spot. Some say, he chose to die, because there was no challenge left on earth for him to overcome. [1]

Kanpeki's Rule Edit

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Tetsuo Sensei

In 1186 the Empress Iweko I confirmed Kanpeki as the Spider Clan Champion. [7] While Kanpeki was conducting his affairs within the Colonies, Tetsuo and Susumu Kuroko had the Empire well in hand. [8]

A Brother's Destiny Edit

In 1199 Tetsuo recalled from the Colonies to the Spider's Web his fellow brother Suikotsu, to ponder about the next Emperor of the Empire, the elder Iweko Seiken or the second son Iweko Shibatsu, who had been raised among the Spider. [9]

Rogue Monk Edit

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In 1200 Daigotsu Kanpeki embraced the Shadowlands Taint, and went with the majority of the Spider into hinding. Tetsuo believed that following this path the Spider had betrayed the very ideals they claimed to venerate, so they were not worthy of his fealty. He became a rogue monk, joining the Empire against his former kin. [10] His order swore fealty to Iweko II and proved their loyalty by shedding blood in defense of the Empire. [11] Tetsuo's order was hunted by bakemono for their betrayal of Kanpeki. [12]

First Seal is Broken Edit

From the Disgrace Tetsuo knew of an ancient temple in the Shinomen Mori where the First Seal was hidden, [13] and told its location to the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu. [14] A combined army of Crab, Mantis and Phoenix rallied to the Temple of the First Seal. [15] The Spider's army outnumbered the temple's defenders more than fifty to one. When the Master of Earth Isawa Norimichi fell, their defeat was inevitable. [16] Tetsuo was released from his chains, in order to confront Daigotsu Yuhmi to gain time for the Rokugani to escape. [13] It was unknown Tetsuo's fate after the Battle of the First Seal.

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