Born: Unknown 
Died: 665 
Parents: Ieyasu the Leper 
Siblings: Several un-named 
Titles: Topaz Champion,
Mantis Clan Champion

Tetsuken was the Mantis Clan Champion during the rule of Hantei XX.

Topaz Champion Edit

Tetsuken was allowed to compete in the Topaz Championship as son of the Mantis Champion Ieyasu the Leper, and won the tournament. His father granted him with a vessel, The Dancing Orochi. Tetsuken was a bold adventurer who liked to explore the remote places of Rokugan, so he enlisted the competitors of the tournament to confront pirates ravaging the Empire’s southern coast. They returned with the captured pirate captain. [1]

Love Edit

Tetsuken pursued for many years the love of Doji Saneyo, the daughter of the Crane Clan Champion Doji Morito, despite he had no real hope of marrying into the line of Crane. [2]

Mantis Clan Champion Edit

Ieyasu died in 660 with no designated heir, and his eldest son had already died. His children and grandchildren began squabbling over who would lead the clan. Tetsuken, his youngest son, sailed overseas with his vessel. He returned and traveled to the Imperial Winter Court bringing numerous gifts to the Emperor. Tetsuken begged the Emperor to intervene and settle his family's quarrel. Hantei XX named Tetsuken the new Mantis Champion. [3]

Riots Edit

In 663 the Scorpion Clan hired Mantis mercenaries and diplomats to uncover the ringleaders of the revolters at Ryoko Owari Toshi, filling the treasures of the Mantis during the Great Famine. [4]

Tainted Fleet Edit

In 665 Doji Morito hired the Mantis Clan fleet to deal with a tainted fleet which was harassing the southern coast of Rokugan. Tetsuken requested to marry Morito's daughter, Doji Saneyo, if he succeeded, and the Crane Champion agreed. [5]

Death Edit

Tetsuken guessed the Shadowlands ships had another target, Otosan Uchi. The Mantis intercepted the enemy before they entered the Golden Sun Bay, and The Dancing Orochi sailed into the heart of the opponent fleet, which converged on the Mantis ship. Tetsuken's sacrifice allowed the rest of the fleet to surround and systematically destroy the Shadowlands ships. In keeping with traditions dating back to the days of Kaimetsu-Uo, the Mantis set fire to the ship, turning it into Tetsuken's funeral pyre. [5] Legend said that after his death Doji Saneyo shaved her head and joined a monastery. [6]

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Preceded by:
Topaz Champion
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Ieyasu the Leper
Mantis Clan Champion
660 - 665
Succeeded by:

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