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The Tessen were an otokodate who attempted to keep the peace in Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho. Because those not of the Crane Clan were forbidden to draw katana in the city, the Tessen wielded paired tessen, as these were not bound by the law. [1] Because of this, the Tessen took their name from the iron fan that they adopted as their symbol and weapon. They were also known as the Brotherhood of the Tessen or the Order of Tessen. [2]

Founding Edit

In 1126 a group of ronin disillusioned by the constant fighting between the clans and their general disregard for the innocent citizens of the city, began operating within the city in an attempt to protect its citizens from crime and from the excesses of the two warring clans. [3]

Technique Edit

Some legends claimed it was the ronin Mochiko, formerly the Matsu Daimyo Matsu Mochihime, who first devised the technique of Tessen, [4] The Iron Tessen. [5]

Lion and Crane Tensions Edit

The Tessen served as bodyguards and escorts to heimin. The Crane of the city treated them like criminals, even though (and possibly because) the Tessen were mostly dismissed Crane and Lion Clan samurai. [6] In the 12th century the Tessen provoked a civil unrest within the city, which led Hantei Naseru to arbitrate, returning the city to Crane control. [7]

Imperial City Edit

After Toshi ranbo was named the new Imperial Capitol, the Seppun had come into conflict with this group more than once. Many Seppun Guardsmen saw the ronin group's patrols as an insult, a fact that the Order of the Tessen found troubling as the Guardsmen were the Emperor's bodyguards. [2]

Known Tecniques Edit

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