Terumuto was the most loyal follower of Sun Tao, his second in command, and his most ardent student. A learned man, Terumuto was skilled in the ways of the Empire's law and bureaucracy. Terumoto and his fellow ronin came to call themselves the Disciples of Sun Tao. [1]

Crane Lands Edit

In the Crane lands Sun Tao approached alone a castle occupied by the Bandit Lord Wu, while Terumuto maintained their army out of its walls. Sun Tao again demonstrated his cunning abilities to the Bandit Lord, and as a result, Wu willingly disbanded his army and joined Sun Tao's army. [2]

Death Edit

When Sun Tao left for the Burning Sands Terumoto was left with his armor and writings. He crafted 7 copies of Sun Tao's journal intending to deliever one to each great clan and one to the Emperor. Terumuto was slain before the delivery was complete. Only the Dragon, Scorpion and Hantei recieved their copies. [3] His corpse was found by the Sparrow Clan, and brought the bandits who slew him to justice. [4] His disciple Aikumo took the leadership of th Disciples. [1]


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