Terrible Standard of Fu Leng
Terrible Standard of Fu Leng
Created by: Kuni Yori
First used by: Kappuksu
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Terrible Standard of Fu Leng was the war banner of the Shadowlands forces during the Clan War. After his failure to win the Battle of Beiden Pass, Hida Sukune was nailed to the banner by Kuni Yori. [1] Yori made A Terrible Oath which greatly increased the physical power of his army, at the cost of Sukune's life. [2]

Abilities Edit

This banner rested in the Shadowlands for generations. It was said that one day the Standard sould be borne by mortal hands to crush the Empire. The standard was a fearsome item, striking terror into all who look upon it. Each time a human sacrifice was made to the standard, all those nearby were enhaced in their attacks and dealed more damage. In addition, maho spells cast upon its influence were more powerful. [3]


Terrible Standard of Fu Leng 2

The Terrible Standard of Fu Leng

The goblin Kappuksu was the first Banner Guard to the Terrible Standard. [4] The standard did not survive the Clan War. [5]

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