Terajima was a corrupted governor of Dragon Guard City.

Raising as governor Edit

Terajima was the son of the Dragon Guard City governor's chief magistrate. His father and the governor were corrupted and grotesquely overtaxed the peasants, keeping the surplus for themselves. Hoshi Yoson investigated the matter disguised as a traveling monk and eventually confronted Terajima's yorikis. They were defeated and Terajima did not support his father when he tried to murder a peasant to control Yoson. Hid father was killed and Terajima was the new governor appointed by the Emerald Champion Seppun Toshiaki after Yoson suggested his name. [1]

Governor Edit

Terajima was a capable administrator, but also astonishingly corrupt. In 1170 he was visited by Moshi Kiyomori, who offered him to join the Mantis or leave. Terajima decided to resolve the matter in a duel of origami, which Terajima was skilled in. For the Mantis stepped in Kitsune Engo, a Master of the Arts, who defeated him, and Terajima left the city. [1]


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