Teodoro Cornejo was a gaijin nobleman from the Merenae Kingdom.

Moto meets Merenae Edit

In 439 Teodoro met the Moto family when they came to Merenae. He gained a limited knowledge in the Rokugani language from them. [1] Cornejo was so impressed with the foreigners that he set out with a fleet to open diplomatic relations and trade with Rokugan. In 440 along the way his fleet became lost but were rescued by Garen Hawthorne of Thrane, who then accompanied them to Rokugan. [2] [3]

Introduction to the Court Edit

In 440 the Mantis Clan Champion Gusai Mori met in secret with Teodoro Cornejo, and bargained preferential trade agreements. [1] In return Mori introduced Cornejo as ambassador of his Highness King Philip of Merenae to the Empress Hantei Yugozohime. [4]

Trade Edit

Teodoro and his companions were given two years to prove their honor to Yugozohime. Trade began limited to Otosan Uchi and the four Hub Villages. Garen and Teodoro had agreed to keep secret the existence of polvora. [1]

Plotting Edit

During this time Teodoro learned that Garen planned to murder him on the eventual return trip, thus ensuring profitable trade for Thrane alone. Teodoro and his allies in the Mantis Clan conspired to have Garen's dishonorable past as pirate exposed to the Imperial Court. [2] [3] The plan backfired when the Merenae and Thrane were treated as a whole regardless of supposed ‘national’ ties. [5]

Expelled from Rokugan Edit

Garen killed the Imperial Emissaries and began an attack to the Imperial City, in the Battle of White Stag and the Battle of Raging Seas. Cornejo took refuge in the residence of Agasha Kasuga, who managed safe passage for him out of the city. Kasuga, with Teodoro and his followers, boarded a Yasuki fleet and sailed to Merenae lands. Kasuga arranged to conduct covert trade with the overseas gaijin. [6]

Return Home Edit

Teodoro had escaped Garen's subsequent attempt for vengeance. When the king heard news of Garen's death, he proclaimed a nationwide celebration and appointed Cornejo the admiral of his navy. Despite the prohibition against relations with gaijin nations the Cornejo family were able to secretly stay on good terms with the Mantis, trading with them almost regularly. [2] [3]


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