"Of the nine children of the Sun and Moon; myself, Doji, Akodo, Shinjo, Hida, Togashi, Bayushi, Shiba, and Fu Leng..." began the Emperor.

"No," said Shinsei"

"No?" my brother asked quizzically.

"The Sun and Moon had ten children, though you will never know your youngest brother."

The mysterious tenth Kami had long been known because of the above excerpt from the Tao of Shinsei. For centuries, scholars debated over the identity of such a being. Many believed that Uikku was the tenth kami.[1]

Duty Edit

The Tenth Kami stood for over a thousand years at the gates to the realms of the dead, leading an army of ancestors against the minions of the Lying Darkness.[2]

Ryoshun Edit

With the revelation of Ryoshun during the War Against Shadow, however, the mystery was solved.

References Edit

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