Tenshido was one of the major martial arts devised by Ihara. It was practiced by many of the mikokami who served Inari and the nameless Fortunes. [1]

Origin Edit

As aggression detracted from pursuit of enlightenment, Ihara developed a pacisfist martial art focused on throws and redirection of force, teaching moves intended to avoid aggression or harmlessly incapacitate an attacker. [1]

Style Edit

Tenshido was a purely non-offensive fighting technique focused on movement. Joint locks and throws were commonly used. The underlying principle remained: "Violence is turned back upon its creator". Students who mixed Tenshido with attacks from other styles were rebuked by sensei. [2]

Training Edit

Teaching self-awareness and increasing ones powers of observation allowed to observe what was going on before reacting by instinct. Students were encouraged to aid one another in progressing further. If no partner was available, kata were performed on their own. [3]

  • The novice began to learn the basics of tenshido defense.
  • The intermediate student learned to resist most instinctual responses, honing practiced maneuvers in the place of instinct.
  • The advanced pupil created their own variants to the basics of form.
  • The expert in tenshido was almost impossible to harm in battle, as he seemed to evade all attacks.
  • The Master Tenshido was one with the elements,completely centered and focused. He could topple the strongest opponents without leaving permanent damage.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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